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Pokemon Meta Decks 2024

Enter each of our sections and see the deck list of the winners of the latest tournaments for each of the decks.

Look at our last added decks:

Pokemon Top Decks April 2024

  1. Lost Zone Box
  2. Arceus VSTAR
  3. Gardevoir EX
  4. Mew Genesect (Fusion Strike)
  5. Giratina VSTAR
  6. Lugia Archeops
  7. Miraidon EX
  8. Inteleon VMAX

That was our list (Top 8) of the best pokemon decks right now.

That list are our favorites! but if you want to see a list based on stats and with more decks check out our Pokemon Tier List!

Pokemon TCG Tier List

Our pokemon tcg tier list is updated and perfect to know the whole panorama of the best decks for the format, highlighting the best archetypes from Tier 1 and dividing other strong decks into lower Tier 2 or 3.

Pokemon Meta Decks

The decks are updated post rotation.

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